Open the doors of your business

All the tools needed to create B2B e-commerce and B2B marketplaces in a single Cloud platform and without any technical knowledge. We are dedicated to development, you to grow your business

The online world of B2B has never been so easy

Product Templates

Create custom templates for any type of product: customized products, configurable with multiple variants or standard products.


Realize marketplace in a few steps and without technical knowledge and get your sellers signed up.

Personalized Price Lists

Give your customers the ability to shop online based on contractual conditions established..

Centralized and multi-site sales channels

Automatically connect your catalog to the main marketplaces and start selling immediately:Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Shop and Google Shopping. Also by default you have the option to manage multi sites e-commerce from the same access.

Manage all activities

Use asingle dashboard to manage payments, shipments with various couriers, orders and assistance tickets.

Update your warehouse

Within the platform you will have our universal connector to connect any ERP and exchange data with any system to have the entire catalog and product availability synchronized.

Get your business online now

It only takes a few minutes to open the doors of your online business to your customers

Sign up

Register your company, get our approval and start setting up the store.


Upload products manually or with a supported file, choose sales channels and synchronize your warehouse.

Go Online

Start selling online and create a new business experience with business customers.

B2B world has started choosing our platform

Some national businesses and corporations are choosing Markeply for their businesses and marketplaces

Sign up FREE and take your business online. You will only start paying for Markeply when your e-commerce or marketplace is actually online.

No payment card required to start building the store


/ revenue (up to 1 million)

Unlimited products

Payment fees included

24/7 Support

3GB disk space

2 languages

5 Markeply admin

Multisite and multidomain

Custom domain

Certified store

Shipping tracking

ERP synchronization


Marketing Automation

Reports and Analytics

Marketplace Setup

Risk Analysis

Unlimited admin markeply

Unlimited disk space


/ revenue (from +1 million)

All that includes the previous plan

Marketplace setup

Risk Analysis

Unlimited admin markeply

Unlimited disk space

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